Jul. 16th, 2018

BG Scavenge in Modern

Jank Tank
BG Scavenge in Modern

Today we're looking at a deck that isn't quite what you think it is. Instead of trying to make our as big as possible, we're actually going to try to pump a creature to ridiculous sizes, for super cheap, and see if we can finish the game out as quick as possible. Let's dive right into this super awesome Black Green deck.

The Core Strategy

The main focus of this card, what makes it unique, is that we're running 4 . This legendary troll has unique effect. It gives all other cards in our graveyard the ability to scavenge, where we pay that cards mana cost, exile it from our graveyard, and put +1/+1 counters on a creature equal to the scavenged creatures power. This means that we can turn cheap big creatures in our graveyard into cheap big pump spells.

The most obvious engine for this is our 4 that we're running. When we're at high life, having this on the battlefield is at best a tiny blocker. But when it's in the graveyard, it's scavenge cost is 1 black to give a creature +13/+13, so long as Varolz is out. One of our less obvious pump creatures is actually . The interesting thing about this super powerful 2 drop is that it's power and toughness text applies to all zones, including the graveyard. So while Goyf is an awesome 2 drop in its own right, ready to beatdown on our opponents, it actually has a second life by being able to be scavenged and pump something else.

The Strat Helpers

We need to get our big cheap boys in the graveyard easily, so we can start buffing. We have some tools that help us do that. We're running , which allows us to actually discard creature cards and make itself bigger. Win-win for us. We're also running , which both is a trampler, and a graveyard strategy assist, since we can fix our draws and throw stuff into the yard too.

The aggressive package

This deck uses a pretty aggressive creature based game plan. So we need to have some stuff to help out with that. We're running , since it's a super aggressive growing creature. This guy can easily become a 3/3 by turn 3, which isn't too shabby for a 1 drop. We're also running as well. Yes, this is a deck. We're running so many low cost creatures, it'd be dumb not to. There's not too many misses in our deck. Even if it seems like getting a is bad, it's a free pass into the graveyard, ready to be used as a pump spell. We need to have a creature out to get pumped to 15, and this certainly helps with that strategy

The Removal Stuff

Black Green is known for it's efficient removal package, and this deck is now different. While we do have some trampler's in this deck, being able to deal with pesky things on the battlefield can be really helpful. We're running , , and to help deal with pretty much any permanent our opponent can throw. We're also running a copy of as removal as well. She also helps get bigger, which while a fringe benefit, is worth noting. She also helps recur any threats, especially , since he's worthless to us in the graveyard.

Other Things to Note

Our two 's have trample. As a man land that can be crewed up for cheap, and pumped to be huge, this is awesome. We have one copy of , and while it's helped in a few games, I'm honestly not in love with card. It's a bit expensive and clunky. Our sideboard has a , since she acts both as discard for our combo, as well as more removal. She's only a one of since we want to make sure we make room for our other creatures.

Our other sideboard cards tries to hate on 2 main archetypes: go wide strategies, and big mana decks. These were the decks I was having the most trouble with, since they either established a bigger better board before I could deal with it, or dropped big combo's a little quicker than what I could do.

And that is BG Scavenge, in Modern. A for sure fun deck!

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