May. 10th, 2018

GB Wither

Jank Tank
GB Wither

What's up guys, Brian here, back again with a fun janky deck. Today, we're looking at deck that is entirely dedicated to making your opponent's creatures sad and small. Pack some dice and glass beads boys and girls, because we're looking at GB Wither!

The Strategy

This deck is all about two things: putting -1/-1 counters on creatures, and making tokens. These two goals luckily go really well together, when we have some Amonkhet block cards thrown into the mix. We're running a playset of , which is going to make us an extremely wide board. The important thing to note about this card is its wording. Whenever you put -1/-1 counters on a creature, you put that many scarabs onto the battlefield. This can get out of hand extremely quickly. All you need is just one of the enchantments out to run the table, but having two gets a bit ridiculous, as it causes our neg-counter sweepers to double our tokens every time we play one. Our next token-generating machine is . We're running 3 of her, since she's legendary, and having too many in hand is not what we want. Now unlike , if we put 10 counters on one creature, we only make 1 snake token, but often times that's enough. She's great especially in the early game, as she helps stem the tide against aggro decks. If you're face is getting swung into, your opponent is tapped out, you can easily swing back, kill a creature with a counter, and promptly make a snake to defend. If you're playing against a control deck, sometimes it's even viable to put the counter on herself just to make a snake and make even a scarab if you have Nest out.

Now that we have our token generators in the picture, we need some ways to actually make them. Our bomb cards are a playset of . Remember what we said about nest of scarabs putting that many tokens into play? Well that comes in handy when you drop dozens of counters all at once. Play it with X being two to handle against some aggro threats, or wait until late game to drop a 5 or 6 counters on each creature, making 20, 30, 50 scarabs ! This works even better in a multiplayer game by the way. Since it shuffles back into your library, and given how good this card is in this deck, you're going to want to play it a lot.

Some Tech

While we have the main strategy of making our board wide and our opponent's board smaller, we have some fun interaction cards as well that are really great in this deck. We're running a playset of , since it's triggered ability is insane when you're trying to get counters on every single creature on the battlefield. Kill off your opponent's 2, 3 and 4 drop at once, and watch them come back on your side of the field. As a 1/4, it also isn't a terrible defender, usually being able to at least put a counter on one creature of your opponent's. This is one of those threats that your opponent has to deal with, or else it's curtains.

We're also running some as well, as our main card draw engine. This is another one of those threats where your opponent better deal with it, or else you'll be refilling your hand a ton. While the card itself makes sure that you can put some counters on it before it dies, in our deck this means that it can die with tons of counters on it. Killing off your opponent's board while also drawing 6 cards is pretty unbeatable.

One of our weird cards is actually , which turns our combats into some pretty chaotic plays. Having 30 wither scarabs that replace themselves as they block or become blocked means that we can run wide and stay wide.

Other than that, all of our cards are things that interact with -1/-1 counters in fun ways. to drain our opponent, to run the board with counters. All great stuff

The Wrapup

Overall, this may not be the most competitive deck out there, but it has some great matchups. Anything that runs a fragile wide board gets crushed by a going off. The best thing about this deck is how good it is in multiplayer. It scales incredibly well. You actually want your opponents to play lots of creatures, so you can turn them into bugs, or reanimate them with .

I suggest giving the janky deck a try, and seeing what crazy things can occur when you make all creatures teeny tiny.

Until next time!

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