May. 17th, 2018

Mono White Golems

Jank Tank
Mono White Golems

What's up guys. I hope you all are ready for some serious jank, because today I have a fun deck for you: Golem Tribal! I'm sure you're surprised, as I was, that there actually are enough golems in Modern to allow for such nonsense. As it turns out, there are! And golems have some fun things going for them. Let's take a look at what this awesome tribe has to offer in this installment of the Jank Tank.

Our Beaters

Now one of the things that golems really have going for them is they have a few really beefy creatures, and we're absolutely going to utilize them. First up, we have . This might not be the affinity you're used to, but in our Mono-White deck this little (big) guy can come down on turn three. In the later phases of the game, he's no slouch either, as he helps with being defensive against our opponents boards, as well as a serious offensive threat. You'll see from the support cards what I mean exactly. You really want to drop this guy on turn three for 3, maybe turn four for 2. One of the best qualities that this guy has is that even though its a great early/midrange threat, it doesn't die to because of its high CMC!

Next up we have one of our MVPs, . Kind of weird, since is inherently a support card, but it also creates one of our 3/3 golem tokens, which we are going to be utilizing extensively. In addition to dropping at least 4 power onto the board, this sharp lady also gives all our golems first strike. Now most decks like Modern Death & Taxes really only care about this for the purposes of the token that she produces, but in our deck, this is a huge offensive boost to all of our golems.

The rest of our big chunky creatures are going to be getting created and buffed by support cards, as you'll soon see!

Support Cards

First up on our list of supporters, we're running a playset of . Obviously you're going to want to name golems when you play this fembot. This is going to give your board presence a much needed boost in the early game. Having your come in as a 4/5 rather than a 3/4 is pretty huge. You're going to want to be careful about how you trade this girl, since you definitely will be getting lots of value out of it.

We're also running a playset of , the never played cousin to . While is definitely better for the purposes of most decks, having a +1/+1 buff on your board of beaters is a pretty great thing to have. In addition, it also creates another beater for us, which means a wider, fatter board!

As an additional crazy buff, we're also running a playset of . This enchantment will turn our intimidating board into a downright calamity. The synergy that has is also nothing to laugh at, as she is also an artifact creature, on top of her golem typing that we're going to declare.

The Jank

Now this wouldn't be much fun if we didn't have any wild-cards in here, so lets get into the jank aspect of this deck. First up, we're running a playset of . I didn't know this card existed either. A colorless man-land in any deck probably wouldn't be too good, but in our's, it's golem typing makes it a little bit of extra damage when we're in top deck mode. Playing 4 mana every turn for a potential 6/4 first strike is awesome, and is something that I've noticed opponents sleep on a lot.

We're also running a very... odd card in the form of . Ok, so this card might just be bad, but hear me out. It comes down as at least 9/9 worth of stats, but also gets buffed across 3 bodies. If you have a tempered steel down, its at least 15/15 worth of stats. That's the great side. The bad side is that any spell that targets a golem targets all golems. So... that seems really bad. But I've found the scenario of me playing this card to be more like this. I play big beefy threats 3 or 4 turns in a row, that get answered again and again. By the time this guy (these guys?) comes down, you should be putting your opponent on an answer or a loss. It's a risky proposition, but out of the dozens of games I played, this guy (again, guys?) won me the game about 5 times, and only lost me the game once, and I'm pretty sure I still had a solid shot of losing if just one of my golems was removed anyway.

Wrapping Up

Other than the main staples, we're also just running some value cards like , so that we can hit our bigger drops quicker, or drop 2-a-turns fast. We're running for extra mana and beats (and golem synergy). Some sideboard stuff to make sure our golems stick or that boards can be wiped.

And that is Mono-white Golems!

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