May. 31st, 2018

Why is Kolaghan's Command So Great?

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Why is Kolaghan's Command So Great?

In March of 2015, the final block to the well received Khan's block was released. Within it's spoilers was a cycle of cards that helped shaped the meta into what it was today. The dragon lords each were given a modal card, one card with several options to choose from upon casting. Choose One. Choose two. These Modal cards weren't anything new. In fact, they were an extension to the existing list of "command" cards, including the Lorwyn cycle cards released a decade earlier. Within the list of these command cards, was Kolaghan's Command.

Why Choosing Is So Good

The heart of Kolaghan's Command's strength is in its flexibility. Often cards are evaluated in a thought about how good it can be in an ideal scenario. How does this card do awesome things for me? On the surface, K Command doesn't really do any of these. Each of its effects are fairly mediocre on their own. Shocking something or digging your graveyard aren't great effects on their own. But the fact that you get to choose, and not only that but choose two, makes this card so good.

It's a two-for-one guaranteed.

There are so m

any scenarios where one of these effects would be good. And we don't just get to pick one, but two. It often comes up that you need to remove a creature or artifact in a pinch, and hand disruption or a bit of graveyard value more than makes up for the initial weak effects you can choose from. Each of the modes on Kolaghan's Command are about 1-mana each. You get to choose two, and the choice allows for flexibility, which easily adds up to 3 cmc. This card is costed perfectly for what it needs to do: help you when you need help, however you need it. It's a two-for-one guaranteed.

Where it sees play

As of the writing of this, Kolaghan's Command is the 34th most played card in modern according to MTG Goldfish and costs around $20 depending on where you look. The main places it sees play are Mardu Pyromancer, Grixis Death's Shadow, and Jund. In all three of these cases, it's run as a two-of, or a one main board and one sideboard. The main reason for this is that it's something you want to have in your hand ready to go, but not be stuck with two many in your hand. It's a perfect mortar for your decklist, but doesn't steal the show too hard. In Mardu Pyro, two-for-one at instant speed is what the deck really loves. In Jund, 3 cmc gets hit by Bloodbraid Elf, which is what that deck loves to do. In GDS, it's a value machine after getting his back by Snapcaster Mage. It might not be the all star for these decks, but it certainly solidifies a W for them

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